May 25, 2013

7 Myths about Spaying and Neutering – BUSTED!

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Spaying and neutering can save the lives of millions of animals who otherwise end up homeless and on the streets of our cities where they are mistreated.

1. Spaying/ Neutering is Wrong
Anyone who thinks that spaying/ neutering an animal is wrong, is ignorant. It is not wrong to neuter/spay but it is wrong to allow animals to breed more unwanted animals that will eventually be killed because they were homeless. Spaying and neutering helps save the lives of thousands of animals who will never find good homes and will instead end up on the streets. It prevents animals from being born accidently. Read more on the benefits of spaying or neutering your pets.

2. Spaying/Neutering will cost a lot
Generally the cost depends on the animal’s age and gender. However, spaying or neutering does not cost a lot. Most vets in Karachi charge approximately *Rs. 2000 to 3000 for strays and *Rs. 5000 to 6000 for domestic pets.

3. Pure breed pets should not be spayed
Many times even pure breed animals end up on the streets and in shelters. Your cat or dog, if not spayed/neutered will contribute to the over population of stray animals.

4. I want my pet to breed. I will get all the kittens or puppies adopted in good homes
There is no guarantee of that. And even if you are able to find good homes for your pets, it would be unfair for all the stray animals in the shelters, waiting to be adopted into good homes. If every good home adopts at least one cat or dog from the shelter instead of adopting one from the pure breed litter that you are giving away, they will be saving lives and giving homes to deserving animals.

5. Neutering will alter my pet's personality
If anything, neutering will make your pet more healthy and active. They will not be distracted by their instinctive need to mate which means no heat realted aggressive behavior and mess.

6. Neutering/ spaying will make my pet over weight
Overfeeding and no exercise will make your pet fat, not spaying or neutering. With proper diet and exercise your pet will remain healthy and fit.

7. Can't shelters take care of strays
In Pakistan we do not have proper animal shelters. The few that exist are non-profit and cannot take in thousands of stray animals. Some times the animals left for long in shelters also end up sick or with a disease. We cannot expect a few people to take care of thousands of stray animals.

* Charges may vary

April 13, 2013

Why Spay or Neuter your Pet?

Every year thousands of cats and dogs end up homeless and on the streets in Pakistan. Sadly we don’t have proper shelters or enough good homes for them. Only a few of these animals are able to find permanent loving homes or make it to small non-profit shelters. Even a smaller number of these stray animals are able to find individuals caring enough to feed them daily. Countless cats and dogs are run over by careless drivers and end up either dead or badly wounded.

Spaying or neutering animals help save lives of these animals that are otherwise thrown out on the street and left to their own devices. Did you know that cats can become pregnant at five months old while dogs can become pregnant as early as six months? Both, cats and dogs are capable of having 2 to 3 litters per year.
So when you spay or neuter your pet or a stray, you are basically saving their kittens or puppies from ending up homeless.

But Some People Say that Neutering/Spaying is Bad...

There is nothing ethically or morally wrong with spaying or neutering an animal. For those who tell you that it’s wrong, please ask them this:

How many stray animals have they given shelters to?
How many strays have they adopted?
Will they take care of all the cats & dogs that end up on the streets because their parents were not spayed?

FYI...What is Spaying and Neutering?

Neutering: Having the testicles of a male animal surgically removed so he cannot impregnate a female.
Spaying: Having the reproductive organs of a female animal surgically removed so she cannot become pregnant.

Read about the Benefits of Spaying or Neutering your Pet

April 06, 2013

2 Heartfelt 'Adopt a Pet' Posters

Instead of buying pets, adopt them from shelters and save lives. If you have enough space at your home and time on your hands, foster an animal till there is a permanent home for it or better yet, provide it a permanent loving home.

Here are two posters I found that will touch your heart.