August 14, 2009

Foods your Pet should NOT be Eating

Did you know that feeding your pet human food can be fatal for its health? Yes, that's true. Not only can some human foods cause illness in your pet, but a few can even lead to your pet's death. Cats and dogs are more prone to such issues.

So today I bring to you a list of some of the Foods you should NOT treat your Pet to:

Chocolates: While many a times cats and dogs have a keen sense of what food is bad for them, this is one food that they will not be able to resist. Chocolate is nothing less than poison for your pet as it contains theobromine which can cause cardiac arrest in your pet. Animals tend to act hyperactive after eating (any kind of) chocolate and it might also cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Onions and Garlic: Consumption of these ingredients by your pet can cause it to get really sick. In dogs, generally red blood cells start to burst. Although most pets won't show any symptoms of sickness until after a few days. Avoid feeding your pets any left over pizza, raw onions, Chinese food, left over food or any baby food.

Nuts and Raisins: Eating these will weaken your pets muscles and may cause paralysis along with swelling.

Other foods that you should NOT give to your pets include:
>> Coffee or tea
>> Avocado and Grapes
>> Peaches, apricots, apple, plums and pears
>> Rhubarb leaves, Tomato leaves or stem and Broccoli
>> Green potatoes and potato peels
>> Spoiled food and yeast dough
>> Alcohol and Tobacco

Hopefully this list covers most food that is bad for animals. So be careful what you feed your pet. Just because you like something doesn't mean that it will be good for your pet too. Only feed your pet recommended animal food, the one that has been specially made for it.

In case of your pet eating any of the above given foods, contact a vet immediately or take your pet to an animal specialist pronto.