January 09, 2013

Pet Posters that Make you Want to Adopt

Animals deserve better than being abandoned on streets or left alone in shelters. Adopting a pet is a responsibility of a lifetime, though I wish more of us understood that. Many people treat cats and dogs just like they would treat a toy, play with them for a while and once old or broken, discard them.

Animals in shelters and on the streets need our love and attention. Instead of abandoning animals, adopt them for life. Today I am sharing a few heartfelt posters with you. I came across these recently and what I love about them is their simplicity and attention grabbing quality. So here goes...

Have an animal shelter poster caught your eye recently? Did you come across an 'adopt a pet' poster that made you actually want to help an animal? Do share with us.

January 03, 2013

We're Back!

And we are back!

We are back this year hoping to make a difference. It's a new year and we have lots of new things to share and lots of cute animals to find homes for. So here's to re-starting this blog and saving lives!