May 18, 2009

Islamabad - The Bird Watcher's Paradise!

A ten minute drive from Islamabad will take you to a mountainous region linked to one of the wetlands of Pakistan. The area is teeming with birds that range from rare breeds to exotic. Only keen ornithologists would know that Islamabad is a birdwatchers delight and the best place in Pakistan to observe rare bird species. The country's capital boasts over 400 bird species, and while some locals might still be amused with this sport, various ambassadors and tourist from foreign countries do make a stop in Islamabad to catch a glimpse of the winged wildlife.

Birdwatching expeditions are generally conducted on the Margalla Hills. These are located on the outskirts of Islamabad and offer a lush relaxed environment. Those of you who are interested in observing birds, do make a trip to these green hills and make sure you do it early in the morning, as that is the best time to catch a glimpse of the birds.

Pakistan lies on the Indus flyway. This is a major flight path for many birds that fly from Siberia to the delta of the Indus river on the Arabian Sea, making it easier to spot birds flying in from Russia and Central Asia.

May 11, 2009

Animal Suffering at Karachi Zoo

Last week in Karachi's Zoological Garden a puma died. While the authorities claim that it died of lung failure, no one seemed too willing to spill the beans on as to what really the cause was. Almost a month before that it was a black leopard that died (causes of its death were claimed to be TB). Prior to these deaths other animals have also died, more likely out of sheer neglect or because of illness (as the zoo authorities like to claim). Animals that died in Karachi Zoo over the past year include pelicans, llamas, a tigress, a bear, a female leopard, a lion, two baby chimpanzees, pumas, zebras and an ostrich. Also the much celebrated zoo elephant, the famous Anarkali also died sometime back in the zoo.

While the zoo was renovated a few years back, no real care of the animals in the zoo is being taken. There are injured animals with deformities, animals that are overfed and creatures whose health seem to decline soon after they reach the zoo. The main reason for this being that the zoo staff does not really know how to properly take care of these animals.

But the zoo authorities are not the only culprits. Visitors at the zoo can usually be seen throwing garbage at the animals, poking them with sticks and catcalling. Must the poor captivated animals be treated like that? It's really a sad state of affairs. Currently the zoo is also understaffed and lacks animal doctors.

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May 10, 2009

Adopt Cadbury - Help him find a Good Home

Cadbury - a Rat Terrier (small breed) is available for adoption in Karachi
Please help it find a good home.

Cadbury is a shy dog, brown in color, weighs 4 kg and stands 15 inches tall. He is healthy, active and is an absolutely loving dog.

Interested parties please contact the dog's owner or PAWS on Facebook

Animal Cruelty - Sad Dilemma for Us

Sometimes the sheer intensity of animal cruelty can appall us. An example of animal cruelty came forward when PAWS tried to rescue a badly injured donkey off the street of DHA here in Karachi over a month back. The donkey apparently had an owner who had although left the poor animal to wander the streets on its own, however he also didn't allow anyone to take to donkey or give it proper medical care. The Brooke staff (an organization for working animals) also tried to rescue the donkey earlier.

The animal was seen by many near Abdullah Shah Gazi mazar time and time again. PAWS and some volunteers also tried offering the donkey owner all possible help. This was again denied. Despite repeated requests by both, the Brooke staff and PAWS, the donkey owner did not do anything for the injured animal, claiming every time to have the donkey's leg fixed.

The good news is that PAWS was finally able to rescue the poor animal, with vets from Karachi Veterinary Hospital providing medical assistance. The donkey has finally been shifted to the Edhi Animal Shelter.

Although this animal was rescued, many still don't make it or are denied attention by their owners. It's a sad sad dilemma and many of us need to search our hearts and ponder as to why we do not stop such cruelty. Humans are not the only ones who can feel pain, animals do too. For those of us who do not pertain to animal cruelty, the least you can do is help stop it and tell of the person conducting such a crime against animal kind.

Photo Source: PAWS Pakistan

May 08, 2009

Persian Cat & Kittens Require a Good Home!

A Persian Cat and her 3 adorable kitten desperately require a good home. The cat and her kittens were abandoned by someone at a meat house in Karachi and have been rescued by a very kindhearted person. Please contact PAWS or write to them here if you are interested in adopting them.
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May 07, 2009

Adabdoned Animal? Call 115!

For those of us who can't stand the sight of abandoned or injured street animals around Karachi, call the Edhi Animal Shelter at 115 . Currently the shelter has 2 vehicles dedicated solely to animal rescue. Once you have placed your call, the animal shelter people will come to pick up the abandoned or injured street animal and transport them to the shelter. Animals including dogs, cats, birds and donkeys etc. are taken by the shelter.

However, one drawback to this service at the moment is that once the animal reaches Edhi Animal Shelter it just might not get the needed medical care required, especially if it's an emergency case. The shelter often does not have a veterinarian available to respond to medical emergencies. The best they are doing at the moment is to transport the animals to the shelter where a vet tends to visit occasionally, but for animals injured badly or in need of medical emergency, calling the shelter is probably not the best choice. There is just one guard for the place and no real caretaker for the animals. Also even if you manage to send an animal there, there are no guarantees that it will be treated.

Unfortunately as there are no other animal shelters in the city this is the best there is and the only hope for at least the abandoned animals. Rest assured, the animals are fed there and can at least find a safe place away from the harsh city life and animal cruelty.

You can help by sending your donations to Edhi specifically for the Animal Shelter so that it can become a proper facility. Efforts need to be made on a larger scale and more people are required come and to volunteer or help in any possible way that they can to save the street animals from cruelty and assist in making such a place a proper facility.

May 06, 2009

ADOPT a Mixed Breed Puppy

Three mixed breed puppies are looking for loving homes here in Karachi. The puppies are now 4 months old and have been Dewormed and Vaccinated. Please spread the word around ASAP otherwise they will be shifted to the Edhi Animal Shelter! Read Details here

May 05, 2009

Edhi Animal Shelter

The Edhi Animal Shelter is situated in Karachi, near Toll Plaza, off the superhighway. This animal shelter is the first and one of its kind in Pakistan. Although it's no sanctuary at the moment, the shelter stands very stark, but it is however the only place that is providing injured and abandoned animals a safe abode from the harsh city life. While many treat animals cruelly and abandon their own pets at times, there are still some who are making an effort to protect them by offering them a safe place, and the Edhi Animal Shelter is one such example.