February 14, 2013

Adopt a Jack Russell Terrier

Another success story... This adorable pup was adopted a few days back into a loving home.

February 10, 2013

Pet Care Tips for Cold Weather

Pets needs extra special care in winters
Winter time means snuggling up in your warm bed with your cat or warming up to the warm fire while drinking coca with a satisfied dog at your feet, it also at times means suffering from cold and flu. But did you know that where winter can make you sick it can be specially hard on your pets?

Here are a couple of suggestions which will help keep your pets safe during winters:
  • Keep your pets inside the house as much as you can. Even if your pet needs to go out, go along with them so that you can bring them back in after a while.
  • Don't leave your pet out for too long. Frost bite can be harmful for your pet.
  • Give them warm food and water.
  • Make sure that your pet's bedding is also slightly warm and not too cold for them.
  • Don't bathe your pet a lot during winter. Minimize the baths, keeping them mostly for when your pet seems dirty or smells.
  • Exercise your pet during the winter as this will help keep them warm.
  • Feed your pet a few extra calories if it stays outside more as this will help keep the body temperature balanced.
  • If your pets has been outside in the snow, make sure that you wipe your pet's feet with a damp towel when it comes in the house.
  • Take your pets for a winter check up to the vet.
Whether young or old, don't leave your pets out in the cold for too long. Dogs and cats can get frost bits on their ears, nose and under their paws. Keep a close eye on your pet when it is outside in the cold to make sure that they are comfortable.

So there you have it... A few suggestions that will help you take better care of your pet in winter!

Image credits: hdanimalswallpapers.com

February 09, 2013

Russell Terrier up for Adoption - Karachi

A female Jack Russell Terrier is up for adoption.

Age: under 6 months. Very playful and friendly. Owners cannot keep it any more. Giving up for a small adoption fee. Interested parties, please send us a message below.

Availability: Karachi only

Photo credites: NK Photography

February 08, 2013

A Visit to St Francis Assissi Animal Shelter

It's always heartwarming to see individuals trying to make a difference in this world in whatever little way that they can. It makes you feel that there is still hope and that the world is not at a loss just yet. It is wonderful to see that there are still caring people out there who are effortlessly working hard day and night saving lives. One such individual is Carol Noreen, who owns a small shelter for animals in Karachi. It is a much appreciated individual effort, supported by a few volunteers.

We recently visited St. Francis Assissi Animals Shelter. Located in Gulistan-e-Johar Block 8, this small shelter is home to many unfortunate animals, both cats and dogs alike. Carol is kind enough to take in many injured strays. Some people leave their unwell pets with her for a temporary period too. There were some great stories we heard at the shelter. One such story was of Bruno, a white stray dog who was taken in by Carol a few months back when he had both his hind legs badly injured. He is now healthy and doing well.

Left - A healthy Bruno. Right - image of Bruno's injured legs (now healed)
The shelter is also home to 6 adorable Russian breed puppies (4 of these have been adopted while 2 puppies are still looking for permanent loving homes). These puppies are lovingly called the new year as they were born on the 1st of Jan this year.

Adorable New Year puppies
Most animals at the shelter are up for adoption for a small fee. The good thing I find about this shelter is that they have a proper procedure for adoptions and a follow up protocol to ensure that animals adopted from here are well taken care of.

The shelter has been running on its own fundings for a while now. It is in dire need of donations and material help. Those who wish to volunteer or interested in providing material support in the form of litter boxes, food etc. should contact the shelter. They can do with a helping hand.

To contact please call 03222559709 or visit St. Francis Animal Shelter Facebook page.

February 07, 2013

Stop Discarding Your Pets

Stop treating pets like discarded toys
It's heart breaking to see people throwing out their animals when they become incapable of taking care of them. When you adopt a pet, you adopt it for life. Not for 'until I have something better'. This is not a toy which you can pass your time with and then discard when you've had enough. It's a living being. Another life.

So please stop thorwing your pets out. They are not trash that you can throw out or broken toys which you can discard. Love them for life and only adopt if you are capable of doing so. Otherwise please just get yourself a battery operated toy and refrain from adopting an animal.

I have seen countless incidents where people adopt a dog or cat only because they find them 'cute'. Then later when the animal fall sick or needs a bit of tending, they throw them out on the streets because it's too expensive to take care of them .Just because you have seen another person with a breed dog or an awesome cat, doesn't mean they you are capable of owning one too. In order to owe one, you must know how to take care of it and vow to keep it for life, in sickness and in health.

Adopting a pet is just like adopting a child. Difference is that a human child will grow, a pet will stay like a one year old human child for it's life. So please only adopt if you are a responsible person.