July 08, 2009

Protest against the Captivity of Baby Elephants in Karachi

Four infant elephants, caught from Tanzania, have arrived in Karachi. Despite pressure from international organizations these infants were forcibly removed from their mothers, even resulting in the death of one mother elephant as she tried to retrieve her baby.

Source: PAWS Pakistan

We Protest Strongly Against such Animal Cruelty!

While the physical health dangers for elephants held in captivity are great, their life span runs low and the quality of life ultimately decreases. Elephants should not be taken away from their natural habitats as they often develop severe mental disorders and health issues in captivity. Zoos in Karachi are incapable of providing the baby elephants the much deserved care, hence they will remain deprived of their basic health care and other needs such as dusting facilities and wallows where they need to bathe and get their regular exercise. It is outrightly unjust and cruel to take away baby animals from their mothers and authorities who participated in it should be ashamed of themselves. The government should send these poor creatures back to their natural habitat and stop participating in such cruel acts against animals just for the sake of money.

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