May 07, 2009

Adabdoned Animal? Call 115!

For those of us who can't stand the sight of abandoned or injured street animals around Karachi, call the Edhi Animal Shelter at 115 . Currently the shelter has 2 vehicles dedicated solely to animal rescue. Once you have placed your call, the animal shelter people will come to pick up the abandoned or injured street animal and transport them to the shelter. Animals including dogs, cats, birds and donkeys etc. are taken by the shelter.

However, one drawback to this service at the moment is that once the animal reaches Edhi Animal Shelter it just might not get the needed medical care required, especially if it's an emergency case. The shelter often does not have a veterinarian available to respond to medical emergencies. The best they are doing at the moment is to transport the animals to the shelter where a vet tends to visit occasionally, but for animals injured badly or in need of medical emergency, calling the shelter is probably not the best choice. There is just one guard for the place and no real caretaker for the animals. Also even if you manage to send an animal there, there are no guarantees that it will be treated.

Unfortunately as there are no other animal shelters in the city this is the best there is and the only hope for at least the abandoned animals. Rest assured, the animals are fed there and can at least find a safe place away from the harsh city life and animal cruelty.

You can help by sending your donations to Edhi specifically for the Animal Shelter so that it can become a proper facility. Efforts need to be made on a larger scale and more people are required come and to volunteer or help in any possible way that they can to save the street animals from cruelty and assist in making such a place a proper facility.

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