May 10, 2009

Animal Cruelty - Sad Dilemma for Us

Sometimes the sheer intensity of animal cruelty can appall us. An example of animal cruelty came forward when PAWS tried to rescue a badly injured donkey off the street of DHA here in Karachi over a month back. The donkey apparently had an owner who had although left the poor animal to wander the streets on its own, however he also didn't allow anyone to take to donkey or give it proper medical care. The Brooke staff (an organization for working animals) also tried to rescue the donkey earlier.

The animal was seen by many near Abdullah Shah Gazi mazar time and time again. PAWS and some volunteers also tried offering the donkey owner all possible help. This was again denied. Despite repeated requests by both, the Brooke staff and PAWS, the donkey owner did not do anything for the injured animal, claiming every time to have the donkey's leg fixed.

The good news is that PAWS was finally able to rescue the poor animal, with vets from Karachi Veterinary Hospital providing medical assistance. The donkey has finally been shifted to the Edhi Animal Shelter.

Although this animal was rescued, many still don't make it or are denied attention by their owners. It's a sad sad dilemma and many of us need to search our hearts and ponder as to why we do not stop such cruelty. Humans are not the only ones who can feel pain, animals do too. For those of us who do not pertain to animal cruelty, the least you can do is help stop it and tell of the person conducting such a crime against animal kind.

Photo Source: PAWS Pakistan

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  1. Thanks for highlighting the plight of the 26th Street donkey on your website. However, we would like to point out that the photograph in the post is of some other donkey.

    Also, you are welcome to use any of our photos but please do credit the source (PAWS) in your posts. Thanks.

    Mahera Omar
    Pakistan Animal Welfare Society