February 07, 2013

Stop Discarding Your Pets

Stop treating pets like discarded toys
It's heart breaking to see people throwing out their animals when they become incapable of taking care of them. When you adopt a pet, you adopt it for life. Not for 'until I have something better'. This is not a toy which you can pass your time with and then discard when you've had enough. It's a living being. Another life.

So please stop thorwing your pets out. They are not trash that you can throw out or broken toys which you can discard. Love them for life and only adopt if you are capable of doing so. Otherwise please just get yourself a battery operated toy and refrain from adopting an animal.

I have seen countless incidents where people adopt a dog or cat only because they find them 'cute'. Then later when the animal fall sick or needs a bit of tending, they throw them out on the streets because it's too expensive to take care of them .Just because you have seen another person with a breed dog or an awesome cat, doesn't mean they you are capable of owning one too. In order to owe one, you must know how to take care of it and vow to keep it for life, in sickness and in health.

Adopting a pet is just like adopting a child. Difference is that a human child will grow, a pet will stay like a one year old human child for it's life. So please only adopt if you are a responsible person.

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