February 08, 2013

A Visit to St Francis Assissi Animal Shelter

It's always heartwarming to see individuals trying to make a difference in this world in whatever little way that they can. It makes you feel that there is still hope and that the world is not at a loss just yet. It is wonderful to see that there are still caring people out there who are effortlessly working hard day and night saving lives. One such individual is Carol Noreen, who owns a small shelter for animals in Karachi. It is a much appreciated individual effort, supported by a few volunteers.

We recently visited St. Francis Assissi Animals Shelter. Located in Gulistan-e-Johar Block 8, this small shelter is home to many unfortunate animals, both cats and dogs alike. Carol is kind enough to take in many injured strays. Some people leave their unwell pets with her for a temporary period too. There were some great stories we heard at the shelter. One such story was of Bruno, a white stray dog who was taken in by Carol a few months back when he had both his hind legs badly injured. He is now healthy and doing well.

Left - A healthy Bruno. Right - image of Bruno's injured legs (now healed)
The shelter is also home to 6 adorable Russian breed puppies (4 of these have been adopted while 2 puppies are still looking for permanent loving homes). These puppies are lovingly called the new year as they were born on the 1st of Jan this year.

Adorable New Year puppies
Most animals at the shelter are up for adoption for a small fee. The good thing I find about this shelter is that they have a proper procedure for adoptions and a follow up protocol to ensure that animals adopted from here are well taken care of.

The shelter has been running on its own fundings for a while now. It is in dire need of donations and material help. Those who wish to volunteer or interested in providing material support in the form of litter boxes, food etc. should contact the shelter. They can do with a helping hand.

To contact please call 03222559709 or visit St. Francis Animal Shelter Facebook page.


  1. Indeed heartwarming. When I first read Karachi I thought I was mistaken but glad to see these people trying to make a difference

  2. Thank you for your comment. Yes, it is indeed heartwarming to see individuals trying to make a difference. Quite a few people have started small non-profit shelters on their own. We should support them.