February 10, 2013

Pet Care Tips for Cold Weather

Pets needs extra special care in winters
Winter time means snuggling up in your warm bed with your cat or warming up to the warm fire while drinking coca with a satisfied dog at your feet, it also at times means suffering from cold and flu. But did you know that where winter can make you sick it can be specially hard on your pets?

Here are a couple of suggestions which will help keep your pets safe during winters:
  • Keep your pets inside the house as much as you can. Even if your pet needs to go out, go along with them so that you can bring them back in after a while.
  • Don't leave your pet out for too long. Frost bite can be harmful for your pet.
  • Give them warm food and water.
  • Make sure that your pet's bedding is also slightly warm and not too cold for them.
  • Don't bathe your pet a lot during winter. Minimize the baths, keeping them mostly for when your pet seems dirty or smells.
  • Exercise your pet during the winter as this will help keep them warm.
  • Feed your pet a few extra calories if it stays outside more as this will help keep the body temperature balanced.
  • If your pets has been outside in the snow, make sure that you wipe your pet's feet with a damp towel when it comes in the house.
  • Take your pets for a winter check up to the vet.
Whether young or old, don't leave your pets out in the cold for too long. Dogs and cats can get frost bits on their ears, nose and under their paws. Keep a close eye on your pet when it is outside in the cold to make sure that they are comfortable.

So there you have it... A few suggestions that will help you take better care of your pet in winter!

Image credits: hdanimalswallpapers.com

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