March 17, 2013

Benefits of Spaying or Neutering your Pet

spay cats and dogs

Spaying and neutering helps fight animal overpopulation. Every year thousands of stray cats and dogs are killed or die of hunger. This can be prevented with spaying and neutering.

There are several benefits of spaying or neutering cats and dogs. Here are ten top reasons for why you should get your pets and stray animals neutered:
  1. It eliminates the frustration caused by heat in female animals as they will no longer feel the need to mate or attract other animals.
  2. It decreases the chances of the animal aggression in male animals as they will not get into fights over mates.
  3. It reduces the chances of prostate problems in male animals while saves the females from uterine infections.
  4. It stops animals from spraying to mark territory, wailing or making inappropriate sexual advances on other animals or people.
  5. It is cost effective as it costs a lot less than what it would cost you to take care of a litter (not to mention the amount you will have to spend on vaccinations of the litter).
  6. There is no stress on your mind of having to find good homes for the unwanted/accidental litter that might arrive in a few months.
  7. It eliminates the chances of neglecting animals or abandoning them.

Best of all neutering/spaying your pet will make them lead a healthy and long life. Not to mention, neutered animals are well behaved as they will not have heat or mating related aggression issues.

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  1. I agree that spaying and neutering your pets is important. There are so many stray cats and dogs. Having your pet spayed or neutered would help fight overpopulation.

    Susan Hirst |