March 23, 2013

Neutering Helps Prevent Homeless Pets

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The other day a guy told me that it is criminal to spay or neuter animals because, according to him, when we do this we are "depriving a creature of its rights of pleasure and reproduction". Honestly, sometimes I don't know what to say to such people. I can give him a million reasons for why neutering is a better option but doing so is usually futile, especially in such cases, when the other party just doesn't want to understand. They would rather lecture you on the religious, moral and ethical implications of neutering. Blah blah...

So for all those who think neutering is cruel, I ask you this...

Isn't it cruel to throw animals out on the streets, leaving them to fend for themselves, because you cannot take care of them? Isn't it cruel to breed when you are unable to find good homes for the litter and then leaving them at shelters or depriving them of a home? Would you rather have an animal homeless and subjected to cruelty or would you neuter it so it can live a healthy life without breeding more strays?

There are hundreds of cases every week in our country where animals are run over by cars, or hit by bikes or pelted with stones by kids. If we would neuter strays, instead of letting them breed we would save their lives and their future generations from curelty. Neutering an animal means that you will not have a litter to provide to. Unless you are capable of taking care of the whole litter of your pet or a stray (for their entire lives, mind you) DON'T BREED. Spay or neuter your pets, especially strays.

Neutering strays is a lot better than letting them be poisoned at the hands of DHA or KMC authorities who would want to clean up the nuisance created by overpopulation of strays.

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